From Spiders to Water Lilies
From Spiders to Water Lilies

From Spiders to Water Lilies


We are proud of our award winning cookbooks!

They celebrate traditional, locally sourced food as served in our training restaurants in Cambodia and Laos. The books take you on a photographic culinary and cultural journey, cooking up provincial dishes with a creative twist! Many of the recipes were created by the students themselves.

All proceeds from these books go straight back into the projects that we run to help support marginalized children. Also available in French.


Material: Paper
Size: 25.8 cm x 25 cm (soft cover), 26.5 cm x 25.5 (hard cover)
Weight: 904 g (soft cover), 1.132 kg (hard cover)
Product Code: CK01003 (English - Soft Cover), 9780976360711 (English - Hard Cover), CK01007 (German - Soft Cover), 9780976360766 (French - Soft Cover)



The stated price is for retail purchases. For wholesale requests and volume discounts, our sales officer will review the order and respond with a custom quote.

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